We would like to present you an exceptional mapping product: Digital Map of Romaniei (RO.A.D.), made by  Romania Digitala Project whom we have a fruitful collaboration with. Now you can purchase RO.A.D. 2008 (latest version is 3.01) from us - both in Moldova, as well as internationally - through our secure on-line ordering system.

Map description:

Data format: Garmin, total required memory: over 400 Mbytes.

Tha map supports autorouting.
Contains topo si DEM data.

The atlas allows searching for points of interest (POI) whether by name or by distance. In the cities from the detailed zones it is possible to search also for the name of the street. Most of the points have assigned a county or a town name, so that researches in a certain county/town can be made.

In RO.A.D 2008 the number of the localities in Romania increased to more than 1,000, all at streetname and street number level (where available!), covering almost all big cities in Romania and all the localities within Bucharest, Bihor, Cluj, Covasna, Ilfov and Salaj counties.

In comparison with other Romanian maps from other suppliers, RO.A.D. 2008 has the following distinctive features: all the localities of the Arad county are represented on a street number level, points of interest and polygons. The localities Cazasu, Martacesti, Ianca, Faurei-Sat, Surdila-Greci, Bratesu Vechi and Horia from Braila county, the localities Barcea, Umbraresti-Deal, Ivesti, Liesti, Beresti, Târgu Bujor, Matca, Draganesti and Malu Alb from Galati county and the localities Macin, Revarsarea, Smârdan, Isaccea, Carcaliu and Greci from Tulcea county were brought to the level of street number, points of interest and detailed polygons.

Bucuresti, Timisoara, Oradea, Baia Mare, Braila, Galati, Pitesti, Snagov, Brasov, Poiana Brasov, Ploiesti, Giurgiu, Constanta, Bacau, Tulcea, Zalau, Alba Iulia, Târgoviste, Craiova, Râmnicu Sarat, Blaj, Cluj, Târgu Mures and Râmnicu Vâlcea cities were fully revised and were added with the footprint of the blocks, Oradea and Baia Mare have also the footprint of the houses. In Bucharest, Timisoara and Cluj were updated the oneway and pedestrian roads according to the last modifications implemented by the city halls of these cities.

All the localities within Romania were revised as point position and name. If there were two localities with the same name within the same county, they were differentiated according to the name of the commune they are belonging to. Moreover, the topographic details have multiplied: contour lines, hydrography, vegetation coverage, including forests typologies and many other new typologies.

Moreover, Dacian, Greek, Roman, medieval fortresses, tourism villages, vineyards, dams, arts and crafts fairs (pottery, naive painting, popular architecture (watermills), fairs, Romanian traditional ethno-folkloric manifestations, artistic, historical and cultural monuments, and many others.

There are present in the new map many new roundabouts, oneway streets, the ring road in the South-East of Arad and the extension of Highway A1 in the North of Pitesti. Many points of interest have extensive contact information, including the address and international telephone number. The administrative limits (communes, counties, international border) have been revised.

RO.A.D. 2008 has maps available for all natural reservations in Romania (position, delimitation and surface), all the localities within Ilfov county at street number level, points of interest and detailed large building footprints, a new Danube Delta map, remade, revised and added data, at an incomparable quality level and the routable tourism paths in Piatra Craiului and Fagaras massives.

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