Contents of the map of Chisinau (incl. Codru and Durlesti):

Number of indexed streets, with names shown:
u: 729 (full list), Codru: 101 (full list), Durlesti: 119 (full list)

Number of points of interest (POIs): 8020, including:

hotels 53, places to eat 537, bars/clubs 215, cinema/theatres/entertainment 121, museums 16,
sport centers/swimming pools 102, shops and shopping centers 1375, pharmacies 202,
s 232, schools/universities/kindergartens 518, libraries 31, churches 68, cemeteries 10,

banks/ATMs 454,
services/companies/enterprises 1060, public utilities 46,
car repair stations/parts shops 242, petrol/gas stations 131, car wash 54, parking lots 218,
governmental institutions 158, police/army/fire brigades 88, courts/lawyers/notaries 141,

post offices 27, non-governmental institutions 98, wifi spots
76, parks 22, and other.

Of them, 1200 POIs are with callable phone numbers, for supported devices.

Address search to the house number available: screenshots (Chisinau), screenshots (Durlesti), screenshots (Codru)
Number of indexed address house number labels: 28300 (incl. Codru and Durlesti).

In addition, included are 7996 POIs of legal entities from KOMPASS-Moldova database
     with callable phone numbers. Full list.

More screenshots from GPS (Garmin Nuvi 760/765):

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Navigation with automatic routing

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POI search by name

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