Number of specific address house number labels in all settlements covered:
in total about 17700 (incl.
5530 with fractions and 12170 with letters,
9923 with "A", 1475 with "B", 131 with "C", 108 with "D", 53 with "E",...,
278 with "V", 139 with "G", 33 with "J", etc.


We, at GPS Moldova Team, are proud to announce that we have implemented something
nobody else has ever done before - we found the possibility to implement for all
Garmin devices the full address search up to the non-standard
house numbers,
i.e. building numbers with fractions and those which contain letters!

The problem with Garmin software is the following: address search is only possible for
purely numeric house ranges
, because the house number search menu of most devices
does not have the buttons for typing the fraction sign or any letters

The elegant solution that we found completely solves this problem, the idea being
to substitute the fraction symbol with
"00", and in such a way, e.g. the house number
7/6 is written as 7006, number 47/1 - as 47001, 202/3 - as 202003, etc.:

In a similar fashion we solved the problem with house numbers containing letters:

first the numeric house number's part is entered, then type in "00", followed by:
1 - for letter A
2 - for letter B
3 - for letter C
4 - for letter D
5 - for letter E
9 - for letters F...Z (there are very few of them), except letters V (put 7) and G (put 8).

Respectively, for house numbers based on Cyrillic alphabet, we type "00" and:
1 - for A /
2 - for B /  
7 - for V /
8 - for G /
4 - for D /
5 - for E /
9 - for letters ... (there are very few of them).

Therefore, the house number 17a shall be typed in as 17001, number 4b - as 4002,
24c - as 24003, 175v - as 175007, 8k - as 8009, etc.:


Example (Chisinau)

Example (Balti)

Example (Transnistria and Gagauzia)

Example (other settlements)